Indicon Westfalia manufactures the essentials of coke oven equipment: charging cars, guide cars, quenching cars and locomotives. Our equipment offers a start-to-finish automated, tailor-made, and eco-friendly method of treating and transforming coke into a resource that can be used by downstream consumers.

The coal-charging car charges coke ovens with coal charge. Its primary functions include opening/shutting the coal tower gates, lifting/replacing charging hole lids, and transferring coal charge from the bunkers into the coke oven. Indicon Westfalia’s charging cars are designed with magnetic lid lifters, lid cleaners, constant volume hoppers, gastight spillage coal gates and telescopes, cross battery oven top vacuum cleaners. These features empower the charging cars to travel from coal towers to coke ovens and back with maximum efficacy.

The guide car conveys the coke from the oven into the quenching car. Apart from the automatic opening/closing of the oven doors, Indicon Westfalia’s guide cars are equipped with cleaning systems for incline and leaning oven doors, benches, and frames, a hood system that removes emissions that are consequent to oven operations, and a coke spillage collection system. These functionalities allow our guide cars to operate within stringent pollution control standards and specific oven/battery conditions.

The quenching car receives and transports hot coke from the coke oven through the quenching tower to the coke wharf. Indian Westfalia’s quenching cars are either locomotive pulled or self-propelled; they are designed to enable easy exchange of parts which are subject to wear and tear, and feature fixed sloping bottoms with discharge gates which are pneumatically or hydraulically operated. Our quenching cars are thus manufactured to ensure a safe and optimum method to distribute the pushed coke.

Indicon Westfalia designs and manufactures customer specific rail vehicles for heavy duty applications. We have a wide range of products that cater to the requirements of tunnelling and main-line locomotives. We design our locomotives to ensure easy maintenance, optimum performance, and low-energy consumption.